New York – USA

Why New York?

It’s a simple answer – because it’s one of those places you just have to visit more than once!
New York feels like our second home. Karoline worked in Manhatten for more than 6 months and Rasmus have been visiting New York 5 times.
We´ve spent most of our time in Brooklyn and Williamsburg – due to the fact that these areas simply is our favourite to live in.
Manhatten has plenty of hidden gems, that we will also mention below and in our blog post, but often this part of New York is also very busy.
We hope you will enjoy reading our tips and suggestions about New York.



This amazing restaurant is everything I love about New York!
It’s placed in an edgy neighbourhood, hidden behind something that looks like an abandoned building with graffiti everywhere. But if you have the guts to open the door, an amazing world is hiding inside!
Great open kitchen with a very cosy atmosphere and a huge outdoor garden for the great summer nights.
Address: 261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA
Price: 20-30$ per person for pizza and beer
Website: click here

Northern Territory

The best rooftop bar I’ve visited in New York and Brooklyn.
This rooftop bar has everything the rest of them don’t have – atmosphere!
This is not like any other fancy hotel rooftop bar in New York. This is a true Aussi (Australian) rooftop bar managed by Australians.
It’s located in a not so charming area, but it doesn’t matter because Northern Territory has more than just charm.
The is a perfect spot to watch the sun goes down, to enjoy the sun or even if you want a bit to eat – try their avocado sandwiches, mm..!
Address: 12 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA
Website: Click here

85 Broadway Diner

This is not Broadway in the middle of Manhattan, but Broadway located in Williamsburg.
Williamsburg is one of the more hip areas in Brooklyn.
This diner looks like nothing from the outside, and neither the word “diner” or the street number is written on the building.
But inside you find this retro railcar with amazing food! – The menu is written on the tablecloth and it goes fast, so you better listen carefully! – But it doesn’t really matter what you chose because all the food at the diner is brilliant.
I would definitely recommend their sausages sandwich and fresh orange juice, perfect for lunch.
Address: 85 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA
Website: click here

Manhatten 3 Decker

If you want to try a true American 3 Deckers is the place to go!
The first thing I experienced when I entered the door is this wonderful lady yelling “You want coffee sweety”?
The diner is more than 60 years old and the menu or inventory hasn’t changed since – but it’s all very charming!
I decided to go for their “Lumberjack menu” and I couldn’t finish half of it. Remember that the slogan in America is “Go big or go home”.They also refill your coffee everytime you´re low.. for free!
Address: 695 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA
Website: click here

Lil´ Frankies

New York is filled with a bunch of different cultures and cuisines, but my favourite kitchen is definitely Italian cuisines.
Lil’ Frankies is located in Lower Manhattan close to Little Italy.
I can definitely recommend one of these three dishes “Seared Salomon, Homemade Ravioli or the Gnocchi Spinach with Gorgonzola.
These prices are around 25$ per dish and you can find a great cool white wine at prices between 38$-50$.
The restaurant is very busy and you can expect to be placed at the bar for your dinner, but this is also part of the charm.
Address: 19 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003, USA
Website: click here

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