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Why Scotland?

Scotland is every photographer’s wet dream. Scotland simply has everything from cliffs, green fields, white beaches and of course lovely whiskey!
Karoline was not able to join me for this trip – so my good friend and hiking-buddy joined me.
In Scotland, they have a lot of rain and bad weather, this means a lot of tourist and travellers chooses other destinations than Scotland… Perfect for us!
We decided to rent a truck to explore as much as possible. We drove into desert and remote places and began our hikes from there and then slept in the wild in our tent.



Sandwood Bay

In the very north of the Scottish highland is the most spectacular secret spot.
A long and wide beach with the whitest sand, enormous cliff-formations is hiding 6-7 km walk from a small village “Hamlet of Blairmore”
when you’re at this beach you feel like being in the warm south (just a bit colder)
The hike is long but moderated.


Fairy Pools

This spot is not only unique because of it’s a beautiful location. The water in The Fairy Pools is supposed to be the clearest pools in the world!!!
The hike to the fairy pools only a few hours and can be done by everyone.



Ilse of Skye

The name explains a lot. When you’re hiking on The Skye it’s like being up in the sky looking down on the earth!
The grass is the greenest I’ve ever seen and it feels like being in a fairytale.
You can drive into The Skye but the hikes around in this area is a must-do!


Glenmorangie – Whiskey

Scotland is well-known for their whiskey and therefore visiting a distillery is a must-see!
Glenmorangie makes single-malt whiskey in the highland of Scotland.
They’ve used the same method since 1843 and you can get a great tour and taste for
7-30 pound depending on the season.


Braun – Whaligoe Steps

Scotland has a lot of lands which is abandoned, and this is one of those places.
Not even the local people knew about this place.
You have to walk 1-2 km to get to this spot and we’re not sure if it’s private or abandons. But rather ask for forgiveness than permission!
– If you can’t find it, look for another gem in this area Whaligoe Steps, it is
similar to the spot we found


Hike Equipment

It’s important to have the right equipment before going on a hiking adventure. The most important is the have equipment that suited your needs.
Our trip was based on hiking on moderate tracks and only hiking. We slept in the wild every night and cooked our food in nature.

*Remember, you don’t have a sherpa so don’t bring more than you can carry!

Our hiking equipment:

65-75L hiking bag with a dry room!
Sleep tight:
– Sleeping bag (temperature till minus 5 degrees)
– Sleeping Pad
– A Tent
Food & Drinks:
– A storm kitchen (either with gas or fluid)
– Matches & lighter
– Deep plate, mug, fork, knife and spoon
– Drinking bottles
– Food enough for your trip
– Coffee / Tea
– Snacks
– Pocketknife with scissor
– Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and deodorant)
– Small towel
Safety & Orientation:
– Map and compass
– First aid kit with blister patch
– Small headlight (And new batteries)
– Sunglasses
Clothing in your backpack:
– 3 set of underwear
– 3 pair of hiking-socks
– 2 pair of panties/boxer shorts
– Comfortable shoes for the nights
– Beany and gloves (for the cold nights)
– Cap or sunhat
– Raincoat and rainpants
– Windbreaker
– Warm fleece
– Raincoat for your bag
The cloth you’re wearing on your hike:
– Panties/boxer shorts
– Hiking pants
– t-shirt
– Hiking socks
– A jacket that suits the weather (raincoat, warm fleece or windbreaker)

How to prepare for hiking



We like being spontaneous and only plan the most necessary things for our journey.
But when you go hiking it’s very important to do a bit of research before you go on an adventure.
Sometimes tracks can be closed due to the season, but most important, research which tracks that fits your skills and knowledge in hiking! – “Don’t take your mouth too full”.
You can often buy great hiking maps at the airport or at a bookstore – remember to get a detailed and updated version!



The weather often changes a lot of hiking destinations and remember you don’t want to bring too much clothing because you’re the only one to carry it!
We always use the Norwegian website because they’re most accurate to determine the weather.
When you’re on your adventure, ask the local people you meet on your way



Decide how you want to travel.
Scotland is a big country and therefore we decided to rent a truck, so we could see most possible sides of the country in only 10 days.
It’s also possible to take buses and trains. But if you want to see some of the more remote places in Scotland, rent a car!
We decided to rent a big 4×4 so we could drive over fields and on dirt tracks and explore most possible of the wild highland in Scotland.
We used this website and paid 1000 Euro for 10 days (without gas)

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