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Kusadasi – Turkey


Why Turkey?

We needed time to relax – and heard that Turkey was the perfect match!
Turkey offers cheap hotels, always warm weather, great middle eastern food and relaxation in the traditional hammam heaven. Discover an ancient culture of great wars and grand historical monuments, take a walk in the poor and rough city streets or enjoy an active day on the beautiful sea. Turkey has it all and is just waiting for you to discover it.



Sirince is a little Greek village which is hidden in the mountains of Kusadasi.
The story says that the Greek slaves that were freed from Efafos (old Greek town) built this city and their own community.
Since is also mentioned in the ‘2012 phenomena for having a “positive energy” that could come to aid after the apocalypse.
The story aside you will find a nice, but touristic, bazaar in the streets of Sirince. Here you can buy all sorts of local species, tea, and coffee.  However, that’s not the reason why we recommend this experience. We think that it is a beautiful small village with lovely and vivid small streets, that makes the perfect view for a good and traditional lunch at one of the many Turkish restaurants. We enjoyed our lunch at restaurant Artemis, which had a view over the whole village and served a great kebab and traditional coffee.

Milli Park

The stunning national park, Milli Park, is located just 25km from the city of Kusadasi. The colorful nature here is unlike the bare and dry land you see when you drive around on the west coast of turkey. It’s actually the perfect escape from the city since there are only a few people in the national park and you can find the best hiking tracks in the most beautiful nature. We heard that it is possible to see wild boars in the park and that it is a bit scary but terrific experience, but unfortunately we weren’t that lucky. It’s also possible to take a swim at one of the five nature beaches which are beautiful as well, but we found the setting a bit too touristic to our taste. If you are interested in visiting Milli Park, we would really recommend you to take a hike in the wild nature and afterward take a cool dip in the amazing Zeus cave.

Barber in Kusadasi

Well, we know that this experience is for men only, but now and then they deserve a bit attention and wellness too – And especially if they can feel a bit macho at the same time.
The traditional barber shops don’t look of much from the outside, but they offer a great traditional treatment you will remember for the rest of your life. It starts out with a shave with an authentic shaving knife where you also get your eyebrows and nose hair trimmed, and ends up with fire therapy on the newly shaved skin and a face massage – you will feel fresh, relaxed and clean after the session, which only cost you about 5 euros. But remember that you won’t get this experience at your 5* all inclusive resort. You have to go to the city and snoop around a bit to find a real traditional barber.


Zeus Cave

A five-minute walk from the road, just outside Milli Park, you can discover the amazing Zeus Cave. The outside of the cave looks mostly like an old rockslide with huge stacked rocks. But when you climb into the cave you discover clear azure blue water as far as your eye can see. It is possible to take a dip in the cool and refreshing water and this is ideal after a hot hike in Milli Park. We would recommend you to go to the cave in the morning since this might mean that you could have the experience all to yourself.


Beach of Ahmetbayli

On our way home from one of our day trips, we stumbled across this gem of a beach. If you like local, this is it. The beach is a ‘car’ beach, where it is allowed to drive on the beach, and just park the car wherever you feel like. On the beach we only found locals and a couple who were camping – Actually, there was also a tractor parked on the beach with a small family playing in the sea beside it.
To get to the beach: You have to have a rental car, or a very nicely paid taxi driver, since it is located 20 km north of Özdere and is not near to anything else than the small local town, Ahmetbayli. When driving from the ‘cost’road from Kusadasi to Özdere, you have to take a left 2 minutes before you reach Ahmetbayli. Then you just have to follow the dusty road all the way down to the beach and then just drive on to the actual beach

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