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Mallorca – Spain


Why Mallorca?

Mallorca is a beautiful Spanish island with loads of possibilities for outdoor and water activities. It is also a very popular destination for bike cycling because of the various terrain, but we discovered that there is so much more to this island than sports activities. Hidden on the coasts of the island there are several old villages and remote beaches you will find nowhere else in the world. The nature on this island is so beautiful, so rough and dramatic that you have to go hiking and experiencing it on your own. Besides from the amazing nature, the capital Palma also reveals some unique dining and drinking experiences, that you will remember for years.  We recommend you to go exploring in the wild nature in the daytime, and experiencing the local gastronomy in the evenings. Here are our suggestions to the must-sees when travelling in Mallorca.


Cala Marmols

This remote little paradise is hidden in the Mondragon Nature Park.
It’s impossible to drive to this bay which means a lot of tourist doesn’t know about this oasis.
You can park your car in the city Cala s’Almonia and hike through the dramatic nature. It takes approx 1 hour 30 minutes but the walk is beautiful! You can go swimming in the bay, the water is clear as glass and it is very clean.


The village Deiá is a beautiful old town located on a mountain-side on the west coast of Mallorca. Park your card in the town a walk towards the harbour where you can eat a great lunch or have a cold beer. There are restaurants and the food is local and the settings very low key.
You can take a hike down to a very small and very old harbour that is located in the bay in the bottom of the valley. This is not a touristic track, so if you can’t find the way to the harbour ask the locals, they definitely know. The hike is about 45 minutes through olive and fine trees, cactus’s, and papaya fruits and is truly beautiful. When you get to small the harbour, you can catch a lunch at the small restaurant in the old buildings.


Sineu Market

This market is located in the very center of the island.
The market used to be and is still open every Wednesday every week. The market attracts farmers from all over the coastline and gathers them once a week to sell pastries, fruit and other groceries this market. You can buy the freshest food, fruit, animals and also great local handmade things.


Taberna de La Bódeva

This is one of our favourite restaurants in the world. There is a buzzing and pulsating atmosphere and there is always a queue outside the door.
The menu consists of great tapas, lovely wines and delicious desserts.
The prices are not bad and the quality and service are amazing. We have met a lot of regulars from all over the world, who keep coming back – and so do we.
Remember to reserve a table in advance, since it is a very popular restaurant. 

Address: Carrer de la Boteria, 3, 07012 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain



Have you ever wanted to visit Agrabah from the Disney-movie Aladin? – This is your chance!
It’s not easy to find so look carefully when you’re on the address.
There is a great garden in the back where you can have a drink.
The prices are rather expensive, so maybe just walk around to have a look and have your drink somewhere else.

Address: Calle San Juan, 1, 07012 Palma de Mallorca,Islas Baleares, Spain

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