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Basque Country – Spain & France


San Sebastian






This is the pearl of the Basque Country!
A village located on the coastline.
Have pintox in the Old Town at the restaurant “Gandarias” with a great local Basque white wine “txakoli” on the side.
After visiting the old town you should walk to one of the two beautiful beaches located in the centre of the city.
You will not find many foreign tourists in San Sebastian, but a lot of local Spanish people visit this unique spot to enjoy their holiday



This village is located just across the border in France.
Biarritz has some unique details such as the castle (from the picture), a small island connected to the mainland with a long bridge and a beautiful beach in the very centre of Biarritz.
This is a famous place for French people to spend the summer because no tourist go here.
It’s also a perfect spot to learn how to surf.



Bilbao is the capital of the province Vizcaya.
The city is not very charming, but a must-see is the Guggenheim Museum!
This museum makes Bilbao worth a visit.
It is possible to find a few cosy places, but the city is very big which makes it difficult to just walk around.




Zarautz is the proud owner of the longest beach in the Basque Country, almost 3 km!
The city centre has a great relaxing “Mañana Mañana” atmosphere with fresh tapas/pintxos and again.. Don’t forget the local white wine txakoli



Surfers paradise in Europe!
The beach is located just across from the Spanish city Santander.
The spot is perfect for both beginners and pros.
There are plenty of surf camps you can join in Loredo, also English spoken camps!
If you get tired of surfing – go shopping in Santander or enjoy a nice lunch at one of the plazas in the centre.

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