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Hamburg – Germany


Why Hamburg?

Hamburg is a German gem, that is just waiting for you to experience it.  If you want a peek into the German culture, Hamburg is the perfect destination. It is a city that consists of a mix of the historical shipping industry, a rough and urban district and a modern city centre.
Its a perfect fit for those travellers who love walking around the city streets for hours with no agenda, just soaking up every sense and experience they meet. It is definitely a city that can fill every need that different travellers may have, and we have tried to make a list of recommendations that we think everyone will enjoy experiencing – From the shipping industry, the sleazy Reeperbahn and the heavy German dining, to the modern intercultural Restaurant Coast and the beautiful Rooftop bar Clouds.


A very cool and edgy district with cosy cafes, cheap flee-markets and colourful graffiti everywhere.  Visit these streets to discover the German 90’s kind of spirit with rebellious anarchist tags and a general I don’t give a f*ck attitude. Although this might seem a bit rough, there are strollers, kids and a great atmosphere at every café so don’t think twice about visiting this area

Canal tours & Portuguese quarter

A very nice afternoon trip is to go to the harbour of Hamburg and take a steam wheel ferry out in the canals of Hamburg. There is a good atmosphere on the harbour promenade and here you can buy many different guided tours.  However, only a few of the guides are English speaking so remember to ask for them, unless you are fluent in German. The harbour of Hamburg is enormous and it is a nice experience to discover the massive shipping industry. The tours last from 1- 2 hours and you can buy beer, coffee and food on board.

Just beside the harbour, you can discover the Portuguese quarter of Hamburg. This place is perfect for lunch! There are flowers in Portugal’s national colours, great tapas restaurants and charming and vibrant sidewalk cafes. We enjoyed our lunch at restaurant “Portourgesichen Restaurant” and ordered delicious tapas and sangria – Perfect for the summer heat

Reeperbahn & Rooftop bar Clouds

Reeperbahn is known as Hamburg’s Red Light District – but actually, it is so much nicer and more energetic! There is a vibrant atmosphere, pulsating bars and tons of bachelor parties. There is prostitution, but nothing that will bother you. The client is mainly people in their 20’s to 40’s looking for a night out, but also families that want to experience the neon lights and lively district.

If you want to take a walk in Reeperbahn and then retrieve to a more relaxed location, you can go to the Empire Hotel just at the end of Reeperbahn. Empire hotel has a nice rooftop bar called ‘Clouds’, which has the most beautiful view over Hamburg. The view is Hamburg harbour and Reeperbahn, and the rooftop bar is also a great location for a drink in the sunset before dinner. Of cause, the price is a bit more expensive then Reeperbahn(10-15 euro per drink).

Restaurant Das Dorf

When you travel in Germany it is obligatory to try the very heavy but traditional German cuisine. Das Dorf is an authentic and very German restaurant with all the old traditional courses. The setting is a dark basement with wooden tables, heavy silver cutlery and huge beer jugs. The service is of German quality, the food is great and especially the Wiener schnitzel is highly recommendable. It is one of – if not the best German restaurant we have ever been to, and that says a bit…You will not regret going to Das Dorf.  Enjoy!

Restaurant Coast

If you are looking for a bit more modern and fine dining, restaurant Coast has the perfect setting for this. The restaurant is located beside the harbour and because of this, you can experience the most beautiful sunset over the ”industry” skyline from the restaurant terrace. It is truly incredible. In addition to the beautiful setting, the interior design is to die for with a very modern and rustic touch and the same goes for the food. The food is Japanese seafood, but with inspiration from the entire world, for example, courses like mezze and spareribs. Maybe it sounds a bit odd, but it is so delicious!  Actually, the restaurant has a connecting thread in all aspects with this edgy but beautiful design. The cliental is a bit more high class than the other places we have visited in Hamburg and the prices are too, but it is affordable and it is a very beautiful and delicious dining experience. Remember to book your table in advance!

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