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Brussels – Belgium


Rooftop 58

On the top of a parking lot, you’ll.
find a rooftop bar with the most amazing view and atmosphere. The place is covered in green grass (fake) with people sitting everywhere. The rooftop bar is only open when the sun is shining.


Delirium Café

Do you like beer? – Then you´ll love this place! A menu card with more than 1000 different beers from all over the world. The bar covers 3 stories of a building and the decoration is magnificent. Very Unique!


Caves du Sablon

You don’t find this restaurant unless you know its there. There is no staff and no lightning. But that´s because the restaurant is located in caves beneath the ground! It is located in the old artist district of Bruxelles.


Le Cercueil


This bar is the oldest bar in all of Bruxelles and the most unusual you´ll ever visit. We promise you! The theme is darkness, but the details you´ll have to experience yourself. If you’re a religious Christian, we wouldn´t recommend you to go.



This church is a bit different than the others. It’s only open in the night time and the music is a lot more electronic than in normal churches. This nightclub has a capacity of more than a thousand people and the alter, well that´s the DJ-pult.
The nightclub is high-class, so you have to wear formal clothes. No sneaks, shorts and no t-shirts
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