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Andalusia – Places to visit


Places to visit in Andalusia



If you are looking for places to visit in Andalusia and you like to kite surf, Tarifa is paradise!
– Also really well suited for everyone else who loves the Spanish “Mañana Mañana” mentality.

There is a lot of places to visit in Andalusia but Tarifa is also only 20 minutes away from Africa/Morocco, so if you have heard of places to visit across the water you can easily make a day trip to Morocco.
You can go whale watching and explore up to 5 different kinds of whales including killer whales! Only 20 minutes west of Tarifa you’ll find one of the most lovely beaches in Spain – Tumbao – with a cool surf and white sand. Enjoy a drink at one of the beach bars “chiringuitos”, take a seat on the grass, lean back and order another mojito – they are affordable – and end the day with traditional dancing in the sunset.


Caseres & Guacin

You have might be told that one of the places to visit in Andalusia is the ‘White Cities’.
However, there is several of them located on the coastline all the way from Malaga to Sevilla.
These are however two of the ‘white cities’ that unknown to most tourist, and therefore you are able to enjoy the peace and local environment in these two cities.

The roads are small and narrow and covered with cobblestones, very charming! Besides great tapas and stunning views, the area is also great for watching huge eagles and vultures.



This was one of the most breathtaking villages we have ever seen!
Not only is Ronda a pretty and clean village, but it also has an amazing history, scenarios, and culture. The village is located on two hills. The two tribes on each hill fought each other for many centuries, but in the end, they settled and built an enormous bridge between the two villages’… unbelievable architecture!
Rhonda is also the home of the first Bullfighting arena in the world, which is very well preserved!


Cadiz & Jerez

Another place to visit in Andalusia is the city, Cadiz, which used to be the home of Viking ships when the first exhibitions to Spain occurred. Cadiz turned out to be one of the most important cities for Spain due to the strategic location. Christoffer Columbus started two of his major journeys from Cadiz.
Jerez is a smaller harbour close to Cadiz. This is where the Spanish Sherry comes from. It is easy and cheap find a Sherry-tasting and visit their distilleries.



This is the capital of the region Andalusia and therefore also one of the places to visit in Andalusia.
Sevilla has the 4th largest old town (part of the modern city) in Europe. You can find the worlds 3rd largest cathedral in this old town district. Besides having pretty buildings, great history and incredible food it also gets very hot in Sevilla, so make sure not to visit Sevilla in the very high season of the summer.

Apart from a great history and culture, there is a lovely park with wild parrots flying around!


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