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Five beautiful brunch spots in Williamsburg and Dumbo for different occasions!

Williamsburg and Dumbo are the best places in Brooklyn to spend your lazy Sundays! There are so many cute, cool and edgy places to discover in these parts of Brooklyn and the people staying in here are often more relaxed and laid-back than the typical busy New Yorker. Another great thing about Williamsburg and Dumbo are that the prices are a bit more affordable than a lot of Manhattan restaurants. I’ve lined up five different beautiful, luxurious, traditional and edgy brunch spots for you, so you can choose whatever place suits your own preferences best!

Juliette, Williamsburg

Juliette is a beautiful restaurant in Williamsburg with an interior inspired by the French country house style but with a bit wild edge. You can choose to be seated inside the beautiful setting or outside on their rooftop. The menu is delicious and there is something for everyone’s taste; vegan, dairy-free etc. Juliette is also a nice place to dine in the evening and a great place to grab a pre or post dinner drink on their amazing rooftop. It has a very Williamsburg’ish vibe and you can be sure to meet a lot of local people at this spot. A perfect brunch place for mimosas as well.

Visit Juliette for more information. The average price for a brunch is 25 dollars for one course and a beverage. This is not included tax and tips. We recommend a 20-30% tip.

Cecconi’s, Dumbo

Cecconi’s is a more extravagant restaurant located on the Hudson River bank between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge. It just opened in late August 2017 and is one of the most popular spots in the city right now. I’ve been there a couple of times for dinner but I’ve heard from many trustworthy sources that the brunch should be to die for! Cecconi’s is an Italian restaurant and the brunch and beverages are therefore inspired by Italian cuisine. The food is SO good! But the best thing about this brunch spot is the beautiful view of Manhattan and the two well-known bridges. The riverbank is also crowded with locals taking a weekend stroll with their loved ones or their cute dogs. The atmosphere is very Manhattan-like but the location and interior, which is, by the way, amazing, adds a bit more beauty and European elegance to the popular restaurant.

Visit Cecconi’s for more information. Remember to book in a timely fashion. The average price for one brunch course and a beverage is 30 dollars. This is not included tax and tips. We recommend a 20-30% tip.

Cafe Colette, Williamsburg

You can find the cute and hip Cafe Colette tucked into Williamsburg. The small cafe has a southern and cool interior with a big bar that mainly attracts edgy locals that are catching up on the latest news from their friends. It is the perfect place to meet interesting people when you are new in town. The food is really good and they have a big selection of brunch and lunch courses. Because the spot is so small but so popular some courses may sell out during a busy day, so if you want to be sure to get exactly what you want its always a good idea not to go for brunch to late in the weekends. The vibe is very local, chatty and cosy. Also a perfect spot for mimosas.

Visit Cafe Colette for more information. The average price for one brunch course and a beverage is 20 dollars. This is not included tax and tips. We recommend a 20-30% tip.


The River Cafe, Dumbo

This restaurant is a once in a lifetime experience. The River Cafe is, duh, located on Dumbo’s river bank just underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Its very high class and has a strict dress code. The view is absolutely beautiful and if you sit outside or by the window inside it actually feels like you are dining on the water. The interior compliments the location by decorating the restaurant in wooden colour tones and golden details that makes you feel like being on a classic old school yacht. Its all together a stunning experience and it gets better! The food! The courses are American and traditional but with a French touch that fusions into a delicate meal with an amazing eye for the smallest detail. Your taste buds will sing of extasy! The only but is that this all comes with a quite expensive price, which means that most guests of the River Cafe are celebrating a special occasion when booking this dining experience. However, the brunch is the more affordable way to try this restaurant since dinner at this beautiful spot is doubled the brunch price.

Visit The River Café for more information. The fixed price for a brunch is 60 dollars per person, this includes one starter and one main course and no beverages. This is not included tax and tips. We recommend a 20-30% tip.

Manhattan Three Decker, Williamsburg

Manhattan Three Decker is a genuine traditional American diner that is an amazing experience for someone who has never been to a diner before. The service is good, chatty and like everything, you can imagine the service to be like in a diner. The food is great and traditional and you get refills of coffee until you drop of caffeine chock. The servings are huge, so don’t worry about starving the next year or two. The interior is as any movie setup of a stereotype diner and you immediately feel comfortable in your surroundings. There are no Instagrammers and no fuss. This is just an honest genuine American diner that serves good food quick. No more words need to be said!

Visit Manhattan Three Decker for more information. The average price for one brunch course and a beverage is 15 dollars. This is not included tax and tips. We recommend a 20-30% tip.

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