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What we think about Eliza was Here as a travel agency

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It is already weeks ago we spent New Years on the Portuguese island Madeira with Eliza was Here! Now I am back in the cold in New York city wearing big puffers trying to survive the east coast winter. Brr! On these cold and dark winter days where I can see my own breath in the air outside, I spent a lot of time daydreaming about the warm sun and beautiful blue sky on Madeira. I wanted to take a second to share our last blog post from Madeira about the two unique accommodations Eliza was Here was so kind to lend us.

The first accommodation we stayed at was a vineyard in Estreito da Calheta named Quinta das Vinhas(click here to see the accommodation).

We had a private Portuguese cottage that was decorated with authentic and traditional paintings in bright turquoise colours. Every morning we made our own breakfast in the cottage’s small kitchen of the most delicious fruits. Madeira has an amazing nature that is really rich in fruits, so through the week, we bought tons of locally harvested passionfruits, mangos and bananas. There was a grocery shop only a 5-minute drive away from our cottage, and there we bought fresh bread and necessities to make a delicious breakfast to start our days with

We spent our days on the road discovering Madeira either by car or by hiking. We followed old authentic paths that the locals have used for transporting wine and sugar up and down the mountains and to the sea for hundreds of years.  We loved the contrast between having active days and then being able to relax fully in the evening with a glass of Madeira wine and a home-cooked meal. Everything was so easy for us to coordinate because we had everything we needed. We had a strong small car with a ton of horsepower, a cottage only 5 minutes from the main highway taking us around the whole island and a beautiful accommodation with a lot of silence and privacy and a fully functioning kitchen.

One of the first days the manager of Quintas das Vinhas showed us around the estate and told us about the history of the place. We finished the tour outside the beautiful main house that was decorated with the antique original furniture. Here we tasted Madeira wine and traditional  Maderia cakes while learning about the different wines and cooking in Madeira. It was so nice to hear about how the locals use their beautiful nature and the manager was so kind to answer all our questions. Really the best way to learn about the local culture. In the evening we dined all by ourselves in the main building where we were served traditional dishes by the sweetest and most attentive waitress. Such a unique experience to have to eat traditional Maderia food in an old authentic building with the original furniture after hearing about the place’s history. We would really recommend you to invest your time in learning about the culture, it is so fascinating!

The last couple of days we stayed at Hotel da Vila(click here) in the small village Ponta do Sol. We were so lucky to get a beautiful room with a view of the bay of Ponto do Sol, where we saw the sunset every evening. It was so breathtaking! Our room was light and in a modern design as the rest of the hotels interior. My favourite detail about this hotel was definitely our own little private terrace where we could sit every evening during sunset and listen to the waves roll in over the beach. We had breakfast in the restaurant every morning and it was so good. Filled with specialities from Madeira. A really fun detail about this hotel is that the hotel used to be prison hundreds of years ago, but was recreated as a hotel by the family who still works at the hotel. We couldn’t find anything about that on the internet, but this was a detail that Eliza was Here had informed us about!

We are so crazy about Eliza was Here’s concept of flights, unique accommodations and car rental in one seamless package! It was so easy and uncomplicated and Eliza was Here have really had an eye for the funny stories and small details at the accommodations. We really learned a lot about the culture in Madeira and that is thanks to Eliza was Here’s concept. Rasmus and I can wholeheartedly recommend Eliza was Here as a one of a kind travel agency and we really hope that we will get to travel with Eliza again soon.

If you have any questions regarding Eliza was Here or travels to Madeira, you are more than welcome to leave a comment down below, and we will do our best to answer them!

Until next time!

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