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Our expectations to Madeira and Eliza was Here

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As I am writing this blog post I am sitting on a sunbed by the poolside in front of our cottage at Quintas De Vinhas that is soaked in the warm Madeira sun. I have to squeeze my eyes together to see my computer screen because of the bright sunlight, but I have been craving this warm feeling on my face since summertime in New York City, so I will have to endure the slight irritation to my eyes. Once in a while I tilt my head back against the sunbed’s back and close my eyes. Just to pause for a minute and take a second to appreciate the peaceful atmosphere by the private poolside before I continue to type on my computer. The only noise I hear is the easy breeze that is making the palm leaves and flora dance and brush against each other in the wind. A distant rooster is crowing and one of our neighbours is mumbling softly to his wife by their cottage.

Before we arrived in Madeira(click to read more) we had a few expectations to the Portuguese Island and to Eliza was Here(click to read more) as a travelling agency. Neither of us has ever been to Madeira, but a lot of our family and friends have and they have told us about the island. We have heard a lot of compliments about the beautiful nature that is surrounding the island and the many wonderful nature experiences you can discover on Madeira. Hiking, sailing and canyoning should be some of the best ways to experience the different traits of nature, and definitely something we will do our best to try out. Furthermore, our friends have told us about the culture on Madeira, which should be very relaxed and easy going. We expect the locals to be very friendly and helpful, but we don’t expect them to speak very good English and therefore it might be difficult for us to have more meaning conversations with them. We believe the food is going to be mainly seafood because of the island’s immense contact to the sea and we hope we are able to try a lot of different wines and especially their national treasure Madeira Wine, which is similar to Port Wine. The last wish we really hope will be granted is good and warm weather that will make all our adventures more pleasant and wonderful. Fingers Crossed!

We have pretty high expectations to Eliza was Here as a travelling agency as you may have sensed in our last blog post where I describe what Eliza was Here is(click to read the blog post). We are so lucky that Eliza was Here has lent us a rental car and two different accommodations that we will have the pleasure of experiencing during our one week on Madeira. Quintas De Vinhas(click to read more) is the first place we are staying at. We expect that the agency has chosen two unique and stunning accommodations that will be surrounded by breath-taking nature. Furthermore, we hope to be welcomed by warm and friendly hosts that will show us around their unique property and tell us stories about the history of the two places. When Rasmus and I travel, we travel to experience and learn about different cultures and therefore we really hope that this need of ours will be satisfied. Of course, we always do our best ourselves to ask for activities and initiate conversations to fulfil this, but we really hope the accommodations will have some sort of tour on the estate and the host will be willing to tell us about their place.

We hope that our journey on Madeira with Eliza was here is going to fulfil and exceed our expectations and we can’t wait to get started. Rasmus and I are driving out to the furthest point on Madeira’s west coast to see if we can discover some beautiful nature this afternoon. We will keep you updated on our experiences on the blog and don’t forget to check our social media to follow our journey on Madeira! If you are interested in reading more about Eliza was Here and take a look at their many beautiful accommodations you can click here.

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