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We are celebrating New Years on Maderia with Eliza was Here!


Sponsored by Eliza was Here.

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As I am writing this post I am sitting in Newark Airport outside of New York City on my way home to Copenhagen, Denmark. I am celebrating Christmas together with my family, Rasmus and his family in Copenhagen. Our Christmas’ has always been very hectic because we both come from divorced families and we have therefore created our own Christmas tradition, where we celebrate not one but four different Christmas eves.  This means a lot of driving around, a lot of staying over at our parent’s houses and a lot of food and drinks, which is absolutely amazing but also a lot of a lot. Therefore the past New Years Eve’s has been affected by a more spontaneous and adventures mindset to do something a bit less traditional. Two years ago we went to Paris with some good friends and last year Rasmus went to Cologne in Germany over New Years.

This year we are going to Madeira, Portugal with Eliza was Here! It’s a bit funny, but I actually remember when Eliza was Here was first launched in Denmark. Rasmus was telling me about this exciting new concept and he was showing me all their beautiful and unique accommodations and seamless package deals. And I must admit, their concept was very new to me and definitely something that I would love to try someday.

Eliza was Here specializes in creating travel packages to European destinations that have a more personal and extraordinary touch than other ordinary travel agencies offer. Their concept is to create amazing packages for adventurous people who seek more unique experiences, and this is the reason that I feel Eliza was here is ideal and exciting for Rasmus and I. Eliza was Here does this by combining the flight, car rental and accommodation in a seamless way so you don’t have to worry about the small annoying details yourself. Which I am a big fan of – but also a bit anxious about because we are so used to putting our adventures together ourselves that this feels a bit like a leap of faith. But hopefully a very good one and something that might inspire us to different ways of planning our trips

I clearly remember two Eliza was Here experienced that Rasmus was eagerly telling me about that I was curious to discover with him. One was an exceptionally unique accommodation in Santorini, Greece, where you would stay in an old windmill that was restored as a stone house with everything you needed and a private swimming pool as an extra luxury. Surrounding the windmill and the private pool there was the most beautiful nature and a breath-taking view of mountains covered in forests that looked dry and crisp because of the unforgiving sun. To make this even more unbelievable for someone who loves a good view, you can see the turquoise water from the house! I was so happy because I really wanted to show this unique experience and I found it on their website, so they actually still offer the Windmill Villa(click) package.

The other experience I remember was the idea of flying to Italy, have a rental car ready for pick-up in the airport and be accommodated on a vineyard. I immediately fell in love with the concept because I have always wanted to know more about the life on a vineyard and driving around in Italy and tasting wine and cheeses was something we had talked about many times before. What was even more exciting about this experience was that the owner of the vineyard would be a kind of host to you, and would show you around the vinery telling stories about how they made their wine. If you were very lucky some of the hosts of the vineyards would even invite you to join them for dinner to an exciting talk about their life and their culture. This sounds so amazing to me, and something I’ve always wanted to try. I took a quick view of their vineyard packages and found this beautiful Vineyard in Toscana, Italy(click).

We are so excited to see what Eliza was here has planned for us when we travel to Madeira over New Years. Neither of us has ever been to Madeira before, so we have a lot of discovering to do! I will write another post about what we expect of Eliza was Here and Madeira, and also what we are planning to experience on our week-long vacation.

Until next time!


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