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Five recommendations for a relaxing weekend in Los Angeles

In October I had a long weekend due to Columbus Day and I decided to fly out to LA to visit one of my amazing friends. I stayed at her place and since she had a rental car she eliminated the ‘LA-tourist-transportation-issue’ which I was so thankful for. We didn’t have any plans before I got there so we kinda did whatever we felt like, and that weekend it was pure relaxation! Because of that, this guide will be limited to five recommendations for a relaxing and chilled weekend in Los Angeles.

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Beachin’ at Topanga Beach, Malibu

Topanga Beach is a surfers paradise with big waves and cool people. Its located by the Pacific Coast Highway just after Santa Monica on your way towards Malibu and it is the perfect spot to chill a whole afternoon. Sunbathing while watching surfers catching waves is probably one of the most relaxing things a have done all year. It was in fact so relaxing that we went to the beach for three days straight just to clear our minds and wash some of that New York pollution of my skin. The beach is a bit less crowded than Malibu and Venice beach, and it is mostly locals that are seen in this spot. I cleared my mind, got a cute tan and some freckles. What more can you really wish for when leaving the city for a weekend.

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Lunch at The Malibu Farm, Malibu

This adorable restaurant is located on the pier of Malibu beach, which is definitely also a recommendable beach to visit. The location itself is perfect and the interior decoration of the restaurant is absolutely beautiful as well. The owner of the restaurant is a Swedish lady, which is clearly seen in the interior. Very Malibu classic with a touch of modern Scandinavian design. Just how I like it. The food is definitely also a delightful fusion with a range of different delicious courses that look beautiful and taste even better. I was seated outside this cute restaurant and while I enjoyed my amazing lunch I watched the surfers catch wave after wave.

Visit The Malibu Farm for more information. The average price for a lunch is 30 dollars for one course and a beverage. This is not included tax and tips. We recommend a 20-30% tip.

Dinner at Wilshire Rooftop Restaurant at the Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills


The Wilshire Hotel has a beautiful rooftop with an amazing view of the hills. The bar serves great drinks at the bar, your table or even at their warm fire pit. Sipping a pre-dinner drink in front of the fire while admiring the beautiful view during sunset is the perfect way to kick off your evening. And the food is SO good! I had the Goodness bowl with shrimp and it was so mouthwatering. I would love to have that dish every night. My friends said that their french fries was probably the best they’ve ever tasted! You need to try this restaurant. I promise it is worth it.

Visit Wilshire Rooftop for more information. The average price for a dinner is 30 dollars for one course and a beverage. This is not included tax and tips. We recommend a 20-30% tip.

Blue Daisy Cafe, Santa Monica

Best. Brunch. Ever. We went to this brunch cafe one day after we had had a few drinks, so we were extra hungry when ordering. I got poached eggs, avocado with baguette and last but not least waffles with strawberries, blueberries, Nutella, syrup and butter. It was absolute heaven. I’ve had so many branches since I moved to the USA, but this one was definitely the best. Apparently, this is no secret either, because there was a 30-minute wait for a table. However, the wait was totally worth it. The cafe is also close to the shopping streets in Santa Monica, so a potential brunch could easily be combined with a shopping spree.

Visit Blue Daisy Cafe for more information. The average price for a brunch is 20 dollars for one course and a beverage. This is not included tax and tips. We recommend a 20-30% tip

Paramount Drive-In Cinema, Paramount

I’ve always wanted to try a drive-in theatre and I finally got lucky in LA! We drove off to Paramount, stopped for sweets and sodas on our way and caught the early 8 pm show. It was a really fun experience with a friend and I can imagine that it would be very romantic with a date. The screenings are the same new stuff as in the regular cinemas, so if you’re not up for the old school movies you can easily relax. Of course, you have to have a car to actually go to a drive-in cinema, but if you’re touring in LA I would highly recommend you to rent a car in any case! And then the issue is solved. Perfect for a cosy night where you don’t just wanna stay in!

Visit Paramount Drive In for more information. The price is 10 dollars for one ticket.


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