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Weekend getaway from New York City!

The Inn at Lake Joseph

October 13, 2017

Rasmus was visiting me in September and we decided to get out of the city for a weekend. At times the city can feel a bit claustrophobic when sharing an apartment with a few other girls, which don’t really allow much space for intimacy and privacy. So, I spent a few hours browsing the Internet for weekend getaway suggestions. The Hamptons was too expensive for my internship wage, but we wanted something in the same driving distance so we wouldn’t spend the whole weekend on transportation. I don’t know how exactly I stumbled across The Inn at Lake Joseph, but I am very thankful I did.

Brightly tucked in Catskills Mountain the Inn at Lake Joseph is located in the small town Monticello only a 2 hours drive from New York City. We chose to catch a Shortline bus service from NYC’s Port of Authority, which was the cheaper choice compared to renting a car in Manhattan. The bus was 60 dollars round trip per person and if we were to rent a car it would be a lot more expensive because of the actual price, my age (insurance fee for drivers <25yr) and gasoline. The bus turned out perfectly painless, got us to the Monticello without delay and left us with time to catch up on after not having seen each other in two months.

The Inn at Lake Joseph is a Bed and Breakfast that houses up to about 30 people, which mainly consisted of adult couples who were searching for the same peace and silence as us. When we arrived the fall was slowly beginning to show turning the leaves into a green, red and brown mosaic that surrounded the beautifully maintained main building. Two of the hosts of the Inn, Rue and Mat, gave us a warm welcome upon arrival, handing us folders of information and showing us around their estate. The bed and breakfast are family owned and the blood of great and warm hosts definitely runs in the family. Everyone is welcome here and the owners make you feel like it no matter if you are fishing enthusiasts, a family or a dog. Mat helped us get settled in our amazing private room in a nearby building. The room had a small but fully functioning kitchen, a king-sized bed, a nice big shower, a Jacuzzi and a huge sundeck with an outdoor barbecue.  We were completely sold to the experience and enjoyed settling down, unpacking, sipping red wine while glancing at the peaceful forest and listening to no other sound but cicadas. A much-needed break from the ever-noisy city.

New York - Lake-9000New York - Lake 4-9003

When morning came we had slept for 10 hours straight with nothing disturbing our sleep. Even Rasmus slept through his jetlag from Denmark. We felt rejuvenated! Breakfast was needed and Matt introduced us to their concept of ticking of small boxes on paper to customize our hot breakfast. During the weekend we tasted local bagels, homemade steaming omelettes, eggs and bacon of our own choosing, blueberry pancakes and the biggest waffles we have ever seen.  It was SO delicious! Just the American breakfast you are craving after a long and deep sleep.

After breakfast, we felt energized and ready to explore the surroundings. We went on a two-hour hike around the Inn and Lake Joseph. Nature is absolutely incredible and the wildlife too. If you are into bird watching, mushroom collecting, fishing or anything like it you would be in absolute heaven. We went down to the lake where we borrowed a small rowing boat without any charge. The Indian summer was still upon us burning our skin while we enjoyed the Lake. We could easily have jumped into the lake to cool down, but we wanted to go the full circle and walked over to the Inns swimming pool instead. We chilled by the pool for a few hours making new friends with the other visitors to the Inn. All New Yorkers wanting to get out of the city or have a weekend without the children to enjoy one another.

New York - Karoline 4-9326
New York - Karo 8-9398

We enjoyed the sunset with two cold beers in our hands talking about how wonderful and beautiful the day had turned out. We felt so lucky and blessed. Before cooking our own dinner we challenged each other in a game of pool in the living room of the main building of the Inn. Which offered a big pool table, a library, board games, chess and a Ping-Pong table.

We had made a quick stop in Manhattan to do some grocery shopping before going upstate so we didn’t have to think about that after arrival. There is a supermarket in Monticello, but we didn’t have a car to drive there we had to take a taxi. So it was easier for us to do it before our departure. Couples who had come in the car drove off the visit local restaurants and another couple that had been fishing all day had a well-deserved barbecue. After our dinner, we jumped in the hot jacuzzi in our beautiful room while watching a movie on Netflix while we could hear quiet chattering and giggling at the nearby bonfire that other couples had gathered around. It was the perfect evening to finish a perfect day. We fell into another deep and peaceful sleep as quickly as the night before, only with thoughts about another beautiful day to come.

When the end of the weekend came we felt upset that we had to leave but thankful for the new peace and energy we took with us to New York City. Matt was going into town and was so sweet to ask us if we needed a ride to the bus station. The bus home went flawless and soon we were back in the city. We would wholeheartedly recommend the Inn at Lake Joseph for, everyone, looking for a similar getaway experience. If we get the chance we would definitely come back, but maybe for a few more days next time…

New York - Chipmunck 2-9020
New York - Eagle 5-9197

All the practical information:

The Inn at Lake Joseph website: The Inn at Lake Joseph

Bus service: Coach Shortline

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